Kenny’s Burger Joint

We found locally-owned & operated Kenny’s Burger Joint while in Frisco, Texas, as we assembled our Thanksgiving Day feast (thanks, Kenny's Burger Joint on Urbanspoon!). Shopping for groceries builds up quite an appetite, after all, and burgers seemed quick and easy. As usual, the hunger started biting around 2:00, so by the time we arrived at 3:30 we all had bigger eyes than we should admit! I like to eat at restaurants late in the afternoon, but before dinner starts: the service is better, the crowds are smaller, and we can get-to-know the server & staff.

I asked the 3 guys getting ready to leave from the table next to us what they loved and they all whole-heartedly answered, “The burgers! You cannot go wrong with the burgers!”

The menu is pretty simple: a goodly array of pub-type appetizers (ie., fried pickles, bacon-wrapped jalapeños, loaded cheese fries), salads (Caesar, Greek, Asian, & wedge), ribs-by-the-bone, sandwiches, and burgers. We had some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had and pulled-pork BBQ nachos as starters. AWESOME.


Pulled-Pork BBQ Nachos, AWESOME!

For the adventurous, the 7-pound El Jefe burger is available to conquer. That’s right, 3-pounds of hamburger, a head of lettuce, a whole onion, a whole tomato, jalapeños, pickles, 2 types of cheese and French fries with your choice of mayo or mustard on homemade Texas toast. You get 1 hour to eat it, but can’t leave the table during the attempt. Record-to-date: 2 wins, 112 losses! The Hall of Shame has photos of all who attempted but failed!

My eyes were big, but not that big! We tried the basic Bacon Cheese burger, the BBQ burger, the Bud’s Queso burger (knife & fork required), the special of the day, Chicken Bacon Bomb, and, of course, french fries. The kids ordered Chicken Strips, Kid’s burger, and Grilled Cheese sandwich. We all were thoroughly pleased with these selections. A few notes:

The Bacon Cheese burger was ordered with the beef well-done. It tasted good, but it was dry for my taste.


BBQ Burger

The BBQ burger was ordered medium-well and was savory. The meat was seared with just enough flavor and the slightly sweet barbecue sauce tasted fantastic on the ciabatta bun.


Bud’s Queso Burger

Bud’s Queso burger was my favorite entree as the burger was smothered in a wonderfully flavorful cheese sauce with grilled onions and jalapeños. Wow it was GOOD!


Chicken Bacon Bomb!

The special Chicken Bacon Bomb reminded me of a classic steak-and-everything with chunky chicken breast. It tasted good, but not as great as the burgers! Yes, I should have listened to the voice of experience.





The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and sincerely concerned that we enjoyed our meal. Our server, Jennifer, kept our soda glasses full and was quick with our every need. She answered questions about the menu and about the restaurant and owners with ease, obviously fully vested in their success. Further, when my daughter expressed her dislike for her grilled cheese sandwich (we determined that real cheese was NOT as good as processed on a grilled cheese), it was cheerfully removed from the bill without even asking for it.


Peanut Butter Cream Pie with an OREO crust!!

We finished by sharing a piece of Peanut Butter Cream Pie on a THICK Oreo cookie crust. It tasted heavenly! It rivaled my daughter’s version, and left me completely happy and satisfied.

In a nutshell? If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Kenny’s is one-of-a-kind and definitely worth the drive.


Kenny's Burger Joint on Urbanspoon


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